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Here you can find our Resources - Books which have been commissioned by Sustainet. You can order printed versions or CD-Roms of these Books here

SLE Summary: Self-Assessing Good Practices and Scaling-up Strategies in Sustainable Agriculture
Sustainet Flyer, Spanish: "Un proyecto asociado para la seguridad alimentaria mediante la agricultura sostenible"
Latin America Publication 3: Organización y Articulación a Mercados. Especiales de los Pequeños Productores de Café de la Sierra de Piura (Spanish)
Latin America Publication 2: Manejo Integrado de Plagas en la mi croregión Calca-Urubamba (Spanish)
Latin America Publication 1: Chacra Agroecológica Integral. Alternativa de desarrollo de familias campesinas (Spanish)
Adaptation of small scale farmers to climatic risks in India
Adaptation of small-scale farmers to climatic risks in different states of India

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Sustainet E.A. is a Non- governmental organization promoting sustainable agricultural practices in East and Horns of Africa. Our network includes 209 NGOs/CBOs with a reach out of 1.5 million small-holder farmers. Sustainet E.A. (Readmore)

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